Namiko surf

Namiko Surf

Why I'd recommend Namiko?

Firstly I’d have to commend Sarah on her friendly service. She is very happy to assist and offer advice.

Secondly, it has got to be her designs. As a family we love the ocean and swimming. Having a busy 1 year old and a 8 year old, it becomes tough enjoying the water without half of your costume being pulled off. Any mommas here can agree with me? Every time I’d emerge out of water I have to make sure everything is in tact. I was going to opt out for a rash vest, and as handy as it is, I wasn’t looking forward to the t-shirt tan. And than I’ve discovered Namiko.

Her designs are so well made for the waves and in my case “kids”. It fits, its comfy and elegant. Yup you just heard those three words in one sentence. The double layer material makes sure nothing is peeking through. Her materials are unique and different. Her attention to detail and quality is really amazing.

But I won’t bore you with too much info, go check out her amazing website.

This hard working momma of one is defiantly an inspiration.

Contact Details

Namiko Surf


Cell: 082 97 37 327



Facebook: @namikosurf

Instagram: namikosurf

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