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Inspired to Inspire: Featuring Scharnee

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What is your biggest passion in life?

My biggest passion in life is serving my community, trying to make an impact in small acts of kindness. I also have a deep love and passion for God people, seeing them loved and happy, I enjoy fitness and music is certainly on the passion list too.

What is the biggest motto for your marriage?

To serve my Husband the way Jesus came and served all of Man Kind. Also making sure my love for Jesus is deeper than my love for my husband and everything we do is Christ centered.

From full job to signing in church and doing fitness classes, what drives you to do it all?

Some days are tough and there are always challenges. The thing that drives me is knowing that everywhere you move, accident scenes, gym, and church or even town, it is an opportunity to be used to be apart of the Kingdom and let your light Shine.

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What is your best fitness advice?

It takes baby steps, keep at it. It took me a good 2 years before i saw my body transforming from skinny to some muscle. Make sure that you enjoy whatever training you are doing, it should be a joy. Keep your diet balanced, take it outdoors and involve your friends and family. 

What is your best advice to newly married couples?

Marriage is hard. You need support, at least one couple that you can trust and love to walk a road with you and your hubby. Go for counselling, there is no shame in that. Shape your own character rather then trying to shape your spouse’s.

Your positive vibe is very infectious, what do you feed on?

Worship, Coffee and lots of conversations with God

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Hello there and welcome to our blog, My name is Kasia, I am a mother of two beautiful kiddies and a wife to an amazing husband. I'm a passionate blogger with love for adventure. With God being my driving force I have faced my fears and started this blog. It is a journey to a better and happier life and I surely hope to hear from you and about your journey.

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