Easter Series-Kids friendly crafts

Easter Series: Kid's friendly crafts

Easter is almost around the corner and since I was small I loved making easter crafts and decorating around the house. It was something myself, my mom and my gran enjoyed doing. It created special childhood memories for me and this is why I want to carry on with this tradition. To create special moments and memories with my children.

I think it is important that we take the time and do these special things with our kids. It’s not so much about what craft you do or how it looks like, it’s about creating a memory. That my friend, is priceless.

If you’re slightly OCD like me it might not be easy but a good way to teach yourself to let go of perfection for a moment and just enjoy the time with your kids. It doesn’t have to cost much or take hours to make.

Remember: this is a journey to simplicity and having fun.

This is why I decided to compile some awesome ideas to make which I’m going to make it my mission to try each and every one of them. I have made a pretty cool downloadable checklist to put up on your fridge as a small nudge and reminder to do these awesome crafts.

1) Rice krispies easter egg nests.

Aren’t these cute birdy nests soo super cute?  Easy and affordable to make. Filled it with any sweets or yummy Mister Sweets “Speckled Sweets”

Source: www.craftymorning.com

Difficulty lever: easy peasy

2) Salt dough easter eggs

It’s time to get creative and make special Easter eggs to look back on in the future. This is fun for the whole family. And how great will they look hanging around the house year in and year out.

Source: www.thebestideasforkids.com


Source: Difficulty level: medium


3) Easter bunny popcorn cups

If your kid is a baker just before Easter. Why not do something with Easter feel. Fast, easy and affordable. Sounds like my new favourite words. Hehe. Fun popcorn cups thats super easy to make.

Source: www.gigglesgalore.net

Difficulty level: easy peasy


4) Easter popcorn balls

Another super fun ideas for Easter treats. Add a fluffy tail for extra pizzaz.

Source: www.lifestyleforreallife.com

Difficulty level: easy peasy

5) No sew sock bunny

Every child loves a little pet toy. So why not help them make their own Easter bunnies. Allow them to personalize them with little accessories.

Source: www.kate&macy.com

Difficulty level: medium


6) Easy stained glass effect cross

Easter isn’t just about eggs, chicks and cute bunnies. The main reason behind Easter is our Saviuor Jesus. Bring that into your  Easter creative activities. Talk about the reason behind Easter with your kids. When seeing the light shinning through the cross, think of Jesus love pouring into your home.

Source: www.momontimeout.com

Difficulty level: medium

7) Christ centered Easter study

What a beautiful printable Easter study. Make Easter study fun with pictures and activities.

Source: www.teachingmama.org

Difficulty level: easy

8) Egg grass heads

I did this little project as a kid and it’s so much fun. Kids can get creative and learn about planing and waiting for something to grown. Allow your kids to get creative with decorating, giving the egg a name. And once the ‘hair’ grows, kids can have fun shaping it.


Difficulty level: medium


9) Pom pom easter chick

Another cute Easter pet to make with your kids. Here’s a cool tip: Make these cute chicks and their nests with your kids, and one evening place little speckled egg sweets in the nests. What an awesome surprise would that be for your kids.

Source: www.themummyfront.com

Difficulty level: medium

10) Easter egg painted rocks

If you’re looking for an affordable, easy and fun project than this is it. Flat rocks are so easy to find. Add some paint, brushes and q tips, and off you go.

Source: www.projectswithkids.com

Difficulty level: easy peasy

I really hope that you will have fun creating these awesome crafts with your kids and creating special memories.

Remember that memories made with your kids are priceless. Help your kids created childhoods that they will be proud to retell to their kids.

And don’t be shy, be sure to share your projects with us.


*Please note that none of the post and recommendations are paid and are purely ideas for inspirations.

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