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Inspired to Inspire: Featuring Marguerite

Q & A

What is your day job and what do you love about it?

I’m working as a Security Site Manager at the Bay Hospital for 14 years. What I love about my work is that I’m not office bounded and walk around the Hospital meeting new faces every day.  I’m faced with a lot of unpleasant challenges daily but overcome it with good and fruitful challenges.  I found pleasures in talking to people that are in n.eed of comfort which you get with some patients and visitors

What is your passion in life?

My passion is the put smiles on the faces of under privileged people. To adopt a crèche and to visit them, helping them grow spiritually, feed them, cloth them.  To show and to assist them by starting their own veggie and herb garden.  To interact with the kids and tell them how special they are and that God loves them.  To just spend time with them and see them happy.  (  CRC Cares adopted a crèche and first visit will be on the 30th of March) 

What volunteer work do you do at your church?

I make lunch packs for 10 students at school and feed 5 students with weekly food parcels. Also feed, clothe and support unprivileged families in church.  Non profitable church so to raise money to do all of this we do fundraisings.


Between work and home what drives you to help the less fortunate?

The fact that I can go to a home after work with electricity, water, food, etc. Really drives me to support and help the less fortune.  It breaks my heart to see people living on the streets specially children.

What is your biggest life lesson?

Not to rely or trust in man but to put all your faith, worries, trust in our Heavenly Father who loves us so much and who will never leave or forsake us.

What is your biggest advice to young moms?

To believe in our child, to listen to them and to love them for who they are.  Make sure that they know that you will always be there for them no matter what the circumstances.  Encourage them to always do their best and that the best is enough. Pray for them and declare good things upon their lives. Tell and show them to always trust in God to give them direction.

Which church do you go to and what projects does your church run?

CRC Cares Richards Bay –

Amazing projects that anyone can get involved and help are:

* Feed school students

* Supporting and caring for crèche and church families


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