Reasons why camping is awesome

Camping has always been our preferred way of breaking away from the daily life. Even when our kids came along, we adapted few things and kept camping on. If for some reason you are not a camping fan (which is hard to believe) I hope that after reading this post I’ll be able to give you enough reason to pack your tent and go camping. Or if you need some warming up, you can opt out for some glamping.

Here are some reason me and my husband compiled as to what makes camping so awesome.


You know when you were a kid and your mom told you to be home when street lights come on? That is probably one of my best childhood memories. You could just play and play without checking your watch as the street light was you timer. And that is how camping is, the sunlight wakes you up in the morning and gets you ready for the day and the beautiful sunset calms your soul for the night ahead. If the sun sets at 6pm or 7pm, it doesn’t matter. There is not rush when camping, no need to make it in time somewhere  because of traffic (well unless you might need to make it to the shop,hehe).


In these days our lives are so polluted with technology, our minds just doesn’t get the chance to rest and restore. It’s a constant revving up of information. When you go camping your mind, your soul gets to rest. The nature sounds become your radio and instead of emails and whats app, you get to meet amazing people and have real conversations.


Daily life is all about schedules and appointments. When you are camping, you eat when you are hungry and you go to sleep when you are tired. It is that freedom that feels so good, the letting go that makes a person feel so free. When camping you don’t have appointments to go to or errands to run, you can truly relax and spend quality time with family.


There is just something so, how do I put it? So nostalgic about camp coffee. It’s as if the smokiness of fire goes through the kettle and infuses the coffee. Camp coffee is like an alarm for your camp. Once that kettle boils it just draws people out of their tents one by one. Camp coffee is something you start and end your day with.


With technology out of the way it is the perfect opportunity to spend that quality time as a family. Wether it is swimming, walking on the beach or building a campfire. It is a time of building memories that can never be bought. 


There’s just something about camping that walking around in your pjs in public is ok. That taking a nap anytime of the day is perfectly ok. When camping you can be yourself and really relax. Time slows down and you can enjoy every moment.


Well I hope by now you are thinking where last did you put away your tent that you are looking for your next destination.

But don’t stress if you haven’t camped before we have lots great tip and advice on camping and dos and dont’s when camping with kids.

Oh and wel be featuring some of our favorite camping spots.


Have a blessed day

Love Kasia and Attie

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