Overcoming fear to write sensitive content.

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Overcoming fear to write sensitive content.

I’ve doubted for such a long time if I should write posts under self growth especially content that is a bit more sensitive. You see self growth and self discovery isn’t smooth sailing, it is not an overnight success. But a journey that involves highs and failures. And plenty of them.

Nothing in this life is easy, but that doesn’t mean its impossible. The biggest reason why I doubted for so long to write here is because of FEAR….

FEAR of what will others think

FEAR of showing weaknesses

But my friend, this fear it’s all in our heads. It’s created by the devil to stop you from achieving your dreams and becoming the best of version of yourself that God has created you to be.

I found that self discovery wouldn’t be possible on my own. God works with such an amazing plan for us, putting people from different backgrounds in our paths to shape us and guide us. I have been so blessed with many people, especially woman that has inspired me to grow and not give up.  But if those people didn’t open up and reach out to me or even talk to me, I wouldn’t have found the strength to overcome my fears and weaknesses. ‘

It is so much easier to listen and open up to someone that has been through the same what you have been through, that’s why I feel it is so important for us to inspire each other to open up and reach out and let others in same position that everything will be ok.

It makes me so sad to see such stigma in our society when talking about mental health. It is a silent killer no one wants to talk about. Why? Mental health is just as real as cancer or any other illness. Just because it doesn’t have physical signs it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Hearing about how young children have been affected by mental health, drives me even more to talk about it. So that people can become aware how real and how dangerous this is. You don’t have to be in a mental institution to be suffering from mental health. It can happen to anyone.

But how can people know of signs if those suffering are the only ones that can explain. And if they are too scared to speak out, how will people learn. People are connecting between different continents, and yet close communities cannot be there for each other?

I really hope and pray that I’ll be able to inspire people to be more open when talking about mental health and be understanding to those suffering from it. Without judging or shutting it down. I hope everyone reading my blog will get some kind of understanding of signs and what to say to someone suffering from it.

What is the purpose of living this life

without sharing our knowledge?

Thank you for reading my post, I’d love to hear your story or feedback.

Be blessed, Love Kasia

Author: Kasia

Hello there and welcome to our blog, My name is Kasia, I am a mother of two beautiful kiddies and a wife to an amazing husband. I'm a passionate blogger with love for adventure. With God being my driving force I have faced my fears and started this blog. It is a journey to a better and happier life and I surely hope to hear from you and about your journey.

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